An opera by Adam Klein



Opera by Adam Klein. Based on THE SILMARILLION by J.R.R. Tolkien,

© 1977 George Allen & Unwin (Publishers) Ltd. Used by permission.


BEREN, son of Barahir, a Man Tenor

LÚTHIEN, daughter of Thingol and Melian, part Elf, part Maia Soprano

DAERON, Minstrel of Doriath, enamoured of Lúthien Countertenor

THINGOL, King of Doriath, an Elf Bass

MELIAN, Queen of Doriath, a Maia Contralto


FINROD FELAGUND, Lord of Nargothrond, an Elf Tenor

CELEGORM, son of Fëanor maker of the Silmarils, an Elf Baritone

CURUFIN, son of Fëanor Countertenor

EDRAHIL, an Elf of Nargothrond Bass

SAURON, Chief Captain of Morgoth, a Maia Baritone

HUAN, Hound of Valinor, a Maia in dog-form Baritone

CARCHAROTH, Wolf of Angband, a Maia and huge wolf Bass

MORGOTH, the Dark Lord, the Enemy, a Vala Two Basses

MABLUNG, servant of Thingol, an Elf Baritone

BELEG, servant of Thingol, an Elf Mute role

MANDOS, Keeper of the Halls of the Dead, a Vala Bass

DRAUGLUIN, Werewolf of Sauron's Isle Baritone

THORONDOR, Lord of Eagles Mute Role

DIOR, son of Beren and Lúthien Boy Soprano



Time: the First Age.

Place: Beleriand.


Prologue: The Music of the Ainur- Orchestra and Chorus.

Scene 1: A Glade beside the River Esgalduin- Beren, Lúthien, Echo Chorus, Daeron.

Scene 2: In Menegroth- Chorus, Thingol, Lúthien, Beren, Melian.

Interlude: Beren travels to Nargothrond- Narrator.

Scene 3: The Halls of Nargothrond- Beren, Finrod, Celegorm, Curufin, Chorus, Edrahil.

Interlude: On the Way to Sauron's Aisle-Narrator.

Scene 4: Sauron's Chambers- Sauron, Finrod, Beren, (The Ten).

Scene 5: Nargothrond, in Lúthien's Prison Chamber- Lúthien, Huan.

Scene 6: The Dungeons of Sauron's Isle- Finrod, Beren, A Wolf, Lúthien offstage.

Scene 7: Sauron's Chambers; the Bridge outside the Tower; the Dungeon- Sauron, Draugluin, Lúthien, Chorus, Beren.

Scene 8: On the North Marches of Doriath- Beren, Lúthien, Celegorm, Curufin, (Huan).

Interlude: Beren Heads North-Narrator.

Scene 9: The Border of Anfauglith and Taur-nu-Fuin- Beren, Lúthien, Huan.

Scene 10: The Gate of Angband; Morgoth's Throne; the Gate- Carcharoth, Beren, Lúthien, Chorus, A Captive, Morgoth.

Interlude: Thorondor Bears Beren and Lúthien back to Doriath- Narrator.

Scene 11: In Menegroth- Thingol, Mablung, Chorus, Beren, Melian.

Scene 12: A Dark Valley in Doriath- Carcharoth, Huan, Mablung, Thingol, Beren.

Interlude: The Death of Beren- Narrator.

Scene 13: The Halls of Mandos- Chorus, Lúthien, Mandos, Beren.

Epilogue: Tol Galen- Beren, Lúthien, Dior, Huan.




It is strongly suggested that the singers, directors, chorus masters and conductors read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien containing the story, and pay special attention to the appendices thereof, which contain detailed information regarding pronunciation of the Elvish languages and the meaning of the words. For those who are not inclined to do the requisite research for their parts or who are unable to obtain copies of the books, here is a brief key to the pronunciation of the letters in the Elvish words used in this opera.

a— as in "ah"

ae— diphthong: "ah—eh"

ai— diphthong: "eye"

au— diphthong: "ow" in "cow"

b— b

c— k

ch— the rear fricative, as in German "bach"

d— d

dh— the "th" in "the", not in "think"

e— "e" as in "bed"

ë— "e" as in "werewolf"

ei— diphthong as in "feint"

f— f

g— g as in "go", not as in "gee"

h— h

i— "i" as in "hit"

í— "e" as in "we"

l— a European "l"

m— m

n— n

o— "o" in "boy"

p— p

"r"—always flipped or rolled;

s— s

t— t

u— "oo" in "cool"

v— v

w— w

y— only initially, as in "yes"




NARRATOR (concert version): There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar, and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made.

And he propounded to them themes of music, and they sang before him, and he was glad.

And Ilúvatar declared to them a mighty theme, and bade them make in harmony together a Great Music.

Among the Ainur Melkor had been given the greatest gifts of power and knowledge, and had begun to conceive thoughts of his own, which he now wove into his music, and straightway discord arose about him. Some attuned their music to his, and about Ilúvatar swelled a sea of turbulent sound.

Then Ilúvatar arose, and he smiled, and a new theme began, like and yet unlike to the former. But the discord of Melkor contended with it, and the storm raged more violently than before, until many Ainur were dismayed and sang no longer, and Melkor had the mastery.

Then again Ilúvatar arose, and the Ainur perceived that his countenance was stern, and behold! amid the confusion arose a third theme, unlike the others, blended with an immeasurable sorrow. Though at first soft and sweet, it could not be quenched; and though Melkor's loud and vain music essayed with its violence to drown this new theme, it seemed that its most triumphant notes were taken by the other and woven into its own solemn pattern.

SCENE 1. A glade beside the river Esgalduin. Summer evening before moonrise. Appropriate stars should be visible. Enter BEREN, gaunt with greying hair but not old.

NARRATOR (concert version): Though all the lands about are overrun with Morgoth's servants, and the armies of the Eldar are broken, the enchantments woven around Doriath by Melian of the Maiar preserve a glimpse of the beauty of Beleriand of old. Now into this guarded realm comes a Man, a Mortal, Beren son of Barahir, last of his house, staunch enemy of Morgoth, and a heavy doom is upon him. Fleeing Dorthônion where his father and companions were killed, and evading Sauron's grasp for four long years, he has at last wandered into the Hidden Kingdom, and Melian's unseen fence of bewilderment could not stay him.

BEREN: What land is this, so calm, so serene, so different from every place I have known? O my father, all my brave deeds avail not to avenge thy death. Would I were slain with thee! I have sought death in vain, I have sought death in vain, methought all Arda was at war. But here there is everywhere peace and life: is this the hidden kingdom of Doriath, guarded from the evils of Morgoth by the arts of Melian the Queen? But if so, how came I here? How have I passed her enchanted mazes, for Doriath is forbidden to those of mortal blood? (Enter DAERON playing his flute, wearing a ferny crown.) What music do I hear… (Enter LÚTHIEN, raiment of sky-blue sewn with golden flowers, star-grey eyes, black hair,in her face a shining light. BEREN sees her) Ha! (BEREN hides. The Moon rises. It should get smaller as it ascends, as in Nature. LÚTHIEN dances to the flute for a time, then sings.)

LÚTHIEN: Ir Ithil ammen Eruchin menel-vîr síla díriel si loth a galadh lasto dîn! A Hir Annûn Gilthôniel, le linnon im Tinúviel!

FOREST(echoing) : Ir Ithil ammen Eruchin menel-vîr síla díriel si loth a galadh lasto dîn! A Hir Annûn Gilthôniel, le linnon im Tinúviel!

(The Moon halts its ascent.. BEREN is transfixed. He repeats, silently, "Tinúviel". It is heard in the orchestra. He is drawn out in the open and is seen by DAERON.)

DAERON: Flee, Lúthien! Ah Lúthien, go! An evil walks the wood! Away! Away!

FOREST(echoing) : Flee, Lúthien! Ah Lúthien, go! An evil walks the wood! Away! Away!

NARRATOR (concert version): Daeron flees, but Lúthien lingers to gaze at this strange wayworn figure. Curiosity gives way to unease, which in turn becomes fear, and she hurries away, with Beren stumbling after, calling silently "Tinúviel," the name emblazoned on his heart.



NARRATOR (concert version): Autumn passes into winter, and still he seeks her. Dawn and dusk, noon and night he wanders, but sees only leaves in the wind, hears only his own footsteps.

Far off through the icy air, he sees her dancing like a star upon a hill, but his limbs are bound as with a chain: he cannot move to chase her.

LÚTHIEN: Ah… Ah… Come Spring, sleep no more. Winter begone, your time is over. Flowers, grass, trees, birds, waters awake: it is time for growing, time for flowing. (Flowers appear where her feet have passed.)

FOREST(echoing) : Ah… Ah… Come Spring, sleep no more. Winter begone, your time is over. Flowers, grass, trees, birds, waters awake: it is time for growing, time for flowing.

NARRATOR (concert version): Lúthien's song releases the bonds of Winter, and she dances; flowers spring from the ground where her feet have passed.

BEREN: Tinúviel! Tinúviel!

FOREST(echoing) : Tinúviel! Tinúviel!

NARRATOR (concert version): Lúthien halts in wonder and flees no more — and embraces her doom.

(Lúthien slips from Beren's arms before daybreak. He lies in a swoon. She returns to him and often they wander together through Spring and Summer. Daeron betrays this to King Thingol, who is enraged but finally promises Lúthien that he will neither kill nor imprison Beren, that she might reveal something of her story. He then sends servants to bring Beren before him as a malefactor, but Lúthien forestalls them and leads Beren before the throne as an honored guest.)

SCENE 2. The Royal Hall of Menegroth. The birds of MELIAN are singing. Lights of day and starry night. The stone carved into trunks as of beeches. The gem-studded ceiling looks like leaves shining green from within on golden stems. Also golden lanterns, silver fountains, marble basins, floors of many-colored stones. Carved beasts on walls, trunks, branches. Hangings on walls with history of the Valar and other things written in Daeron's runes; fountains on the floors. THINGOL, with crown of green and silver, and Melian, on their thrones, a host in gleaming armor around them; nobles, ladies and servants.

CHORUS: As Valinor across the Sea shines on in might and splendor,

So we shall grow in light and life though all Beleriand wither.

In Menegroth, in the Thousand Caves, in the Halls of Elu Thingol,

King of Doriath.

Outside our land reigns fear and death, for Morgoth is the ruler,

But by the gifts of Melian we live in peace forever.

In Menegroth, in the Thousand Caves, in the Halls of Elu Thingol,

King of Doriath.

(LÚTHIEN leads BEREN into the Hall.)

Now let us all rejoice in praise of Lúthien their daughter,

In whose beauty we have become the fairest of the Eldar.

In Menegroth, in the Thousand Caves, in the Halls of Elu Thingol,

King of Doriath.

(They see Beren.)

A Man! A Man!

(BEREN looks at the King, and weapons surround him. MELIAN looks at him and he at her; his head drops.)

THINGOL: Who are you, that come hither as a thief, and unbidden dare to approach my throne? (BEREN filled with dread is silent.)

LÚTHIEN: He is Beren, son of Barahir, Lord of Men, mighty foe of Morgoth, the tale of whose deeds is become a song even among the Elves-

THINGOL: Let him speak! What would you here, wild mortal? What has led your wandering feet hither, to beguile my daughter and walk my lands unasked and in secret? Can you show reason why you should not endure heavy punishment for your insolence and folly?

CHORUS: What will he say? What can he say? (BEREN looks in LÚTHIEN's eyes, then in MELIAN's; fear leaves him and the pride of the House of Bëor returns to him.)

BEREN: My fate, O King, led me hither, through perils such as few even of the Elves would dare. And here I have found what indeed I sought not, but finding I would possess forever. For it is above all gold and silver, and beyond all jewels. And neither rock nor steel nor fires of Morgoth nor all the powers of the Elf-Kingdoms shall keep me from the treasure I desire, for Lúthien is the fairest of all the Children of the World.

THINGOL: Death you have earned with those words, and death you should find suddenly, had I not sworn an oath in haste, of which I repent, baseborn mortal, who in the realm of Morgoth has learned to creep in secret, as his spies and thralls!

CHORUS: Oh harsh words, oh boiling blood! The Dark Lord's will works in our very halls!

BEREN: Death you can give me earned or unearned, but I will not take the names of baseborn, spy, or thrall. By this Ring, given by Felagund to Barahir my father, my House has not earned such names from any Elf, be he king or no! (He lifts the Ring of Felagund: twin serpents with emerald eyes, one holding a crown of golden flowers, the other devouring it: the badge of Finarfin and his house.)

MELIAN: Forgo thy pride, O King, and hear my counsel: not by thee shall Beren be slain. Far and free does his fate lead him in the end; yet it is wound with thine. Take heed!

THINGOL: (to himself, looking at LÚTHIEN) Unhappy men, children of little lords and brief kings: shall such as these lay hands on Lúthien, and yet live? (aloud to BEREN) I see the Ring, son of Barahir, and I perceive that you are proud, and deem yourself mighty. But a father's deeds avail not to win the daughter of Thingol and Melian. See now! I too desire a treasure that is withheld. For rock and steel and the fires of Morgoth keep the jewel that I would possess against all the powers of the Elf-kingdoms. Yet you say that such bonds do not daunt you. Go your way therefore! Bring to me in your hand a Silmaril from Morgoth's Crown;

CHORUS: (whispering) A Silmaril! From Morgoth’s Crown!

THINGOL: and then, if she will, Lúthien may set her hand in yours. Then shall you have my jewel; and though the fate of Arda lie within the Silmarils, yet you shall hold me generous.

BEREN: For little price do Elven-kings sell their daughters: for gems, and things made by craft. But if such be your will, I will perform it. When we meet again, my hand shall hold a Silmaril from the Iron Crown; you have not looked the last upon Beren son of Barahir. (looks at MELIAN, then long at LÚTHIEN) Tinúviel, farewell, I shall return for thee. (Bows to King and Queen, puts aside the guards behind him, exits alone. LÚTHIEN sinks in tears.)

CHORUS: Surely he walks to his death, but bravely so!

See Lúthien:

MELIAN: O King, thou hast devised cunning counsel! But if my eyes have not lost their sight, it is ill for thee, whether Beren fail or succeed in this task: thou hast doomed either thy daughter or thyself. And Doriath is now drawn within the fate of a greater realm.

CHORUS: How she weeps! How her tears burn us all! The peace of Doriath shall be no more; we are drawn under the shadow of Morgoth's hand.

THINGOL: I sell not to Elves or Men those whom I love and cherish above all treasure! And if there were hope or fear that Beren should come ever back alive to Menegroth, he should not have looked again upon the light of day.

INTERLUDE: BEREN travels to Nargothrond.

NARRATOR: Beren passes through Doriath unhindered, coming at length to the Twilight Meres and the Fens of Sirion. Climbing the hills above the Falls of Sirion, he looks westward; far in the distance, past Talath Dirnen, the Guarded Plain, he sees the highlands of Taur-en-Faroth, the Hills of the Hunters, the land of Nargothrond where dwells King Finrod Felagund, whose Ring Beren now wears. Being destitute, and without hope or counsel, he turns his feet thither. Before long, aware that he is being watched by the Elves of Nargothrond, and in dire peril from their arrows as he crosses Talath Dirnen, he holds aloft the Ring, crying aloud, "I am Beren son of Barahir, friend of Felagund. Take me to the King!" He is taken alive to the Hidden Halls. Finrod needs not the Ring to recognize Men of the House of Bëor and the kin of Barahir. Behind closed doors, Beren tells his tale and Finrod knows in his heart that the oath he swore to Barahir in the Fen of Serech has come upon him for his death.

SCENE 3. The Halls of Nargothrond. FINROD's private chambers. BEREN and FINROD Felagund are in conversation.

BEREN: And thus, O King, have I come to your Halls. Will you now honor your oath to my father, and aid me in my hopeless quest?

FINROD: (after some thought) It is plain that Thingol desires your death, but this doom goes beyond his purpose. For the Silmarils are cursed with an oath of hatred, the Oath of Fëanor, and he that even names them in desire moves a great power from slumber. The Sons of Fëanor would lay all the Elf-kingdoms in ruin rather than suffer any other than themselves to possess a Silmaril. And now two of them dwell in my Halls; and though I am King, Celegorm and Curufin hold much power in the realm. They have shown me friendship in every need, but I fear they will show you neither love nor mercy, if your Quest be told. Yet my own oath holds; and thus are we all ensnared. Let us go. (to servants) Summon all to the Throne Room! (The People of Nargothrond assemble before King FINROD Felagund.)

CHORUS: As our lord has commanded, we have gathered here. (Half) What means this meeting? (Half) It surely concerns that strange man, (Half ) Beren? (All) lately arrived from the east.

FINROD: My people, I bid you recall the deeds of Barahir, who in the Battle of Sudden Flame rescued me from death in the Fen of Serech.

CHORUS: Barahir of the house of Bëor?

FINROD: There I swore an oath of friendship and aid in every need to him and all his kin, and gave him my Ring, which now you see upon the hand of Beren his son.

CHORUS:His son!

He calls me now to honor my oath and aid him in his quest, which is… which is to recover and render as brideprice to King Thingol… a Silmaril from the Iron Crown.

CHORUS: (variously ) A Silmaril! From the Iron Crown!

CELEGORM: Hear me, O Elves of Nargothrond! (drawing his sword) Be he friend or foe, Elf, Man or demon of Morgoth, or any other living thing in Arda, neither law nor love nor league of hell nor might of the Valar nor any power of wizardry shall defend him from the pursuing hate of the Sons of Fëanor, if he take or find a Silmaril and keep it. For the Silmarils we alone claim until the World ends.

CURUFIN: If with this .. Man, ye dare undertake such madness, ye will surely have war in Nargothrond, pools of blood on your marble floors; yea even in Doriath will none be spared. For we alone hold right to the Silmarils until the world ends.

CHORUS (except the Ten) : This quest is folly and will doom us all! Finrod is no Vala to command us! We will take no part in this mad errand! Felagund is king no more if he persist!

CHORUS (only the Ten) : How dare these brothers slander the name of our lord? How can so many be swayed by such lies? We will not stand by and let our King be ridiculed thus, alone among his own people.

CELEGORM and CURUFIN: We shall send Finrod to his death and Nargothrond shall be ours. How can such a quest succeed where all of the might of the Elf-kingdoms has failed? And are we not the eldest line of the Noldor; is not power here as elsewhere ours by right?

FINROD: (casting his crown at his feet) Your oaths of faith to me ye may break, but my bond I must hold! Yet if there be any on whom the shadow of our Curse has not yet fallen, I should find a few to follow me, and not go hence as a beggar thrust from the gates. (The Ten step forward.)

EDRAHIL: (picks up the crown) O King, choose one as steward until you return, for you remain my king, and theirs, whatever betide.

FINROD: Orodreth my brother, thou shalt have this crown until my return. (Exeunt one side BEREN, FINROD, the Ten companions; then other side CELEGORM, and CURUFIN, smiling.)

NARRATOR: On an autumn evening Beren, Finrod and the Ten set out north from Nargothrond. Beneath Ered Wethrin, the Mountains of Shadow, they slay a company of sleeping Orcs, and by the arts of Felagund they take on the forms and faces of their victims. Thus disguised, they journey far unhindered, but in the western pass between Ered Wethrin and Taur-nu-Fuin Sauron captures them, being in doubt due to their haste and not reporting their deeds to him as they pass.

SCENE 4. Sauron's chambers, on Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Isle of Werewolves.

SAURON: You twelve Orcs behave strangely, not reporting to me, as is commanded of all servants of the Dark Lord who pass this isle. But now you are here; make your report. Where have you been? What have you seen?

FINROD: (disguising his voice) We are come out of Beleriand; fire and flowing blood we saw. Thirty we killed and threw their bodies in a dark pit, where now ravens sit and owls cry.

SAURON: Then tell me, what news from the southlands? Did you fare into the realm of Nargothrond? Who reigns there now?

FINROD: We but walked its borders. Felagund as ever is king there.

SAURON: Then you heard not that he is gone, and Celegorm holds the throne?

FINROD: That is not true! If he is gone, then Orodreth his brother holds the throne.

SAURON: Sharp ears indeed you must have, to hear so swiftly tidings of realms you entered not! What are your names? Who is the leader of this band?

FINROD: Dungalef I am called; this is Nereb and ten warriors beside. We are on an errand of need and haste to Angband-

SAURON: Not so fast! I would hear of Doriath! Is it true that Daeron's insipid flute no longer shrieks in dreary old Neldoreth? They say even Lúthien the Fair is tongue-tied and dances no more. Ha ha!… (BEREN glares at him.) What a grim look, Nereb! What troubles you? Are you not glad that a shadow falls on outlaw Thingol's woods? Whom do you serve, Light or Darkness? Come, Orcs of Morgoth, repeat your vows! Death to Light, to Law, to Love! Cursèd be Moon and Stars above! May Everlasting Darkness old that waits outside in surges cold drown Manwë, Varda and the Sun! May all in hatred be begun, and all in evil ended be, upon the Earth, in Air and Sea!

BEREN: Who is Sauron to hinder work that must be done? We serve him not, nor owe him obeisance, and now we would go!

SAURON: (laughing) Patience! You may soon leave. But first I shall sing you a song. (chants)

The shattered shield, the spell unmade! Disguises revealed, trust betrayed!

Uncovered purpose, open mind, Secrets laid bare, the truth to find!

FINROD: (chants) The armor like a mountainside, No flame or spike can pierce the hide!

Trust unshaken, broken the trap, Prison doors open, shackles snap!

SAURON: Chains are unyielding, snares hold fast! Against my will no spell can last!

FINROD: Strength unbounded and shifting shape! Spell unbroken, freedom, escape!

FINROD: Freedom, escape! Freedom, escape!

In forests far the birds fly free, Singing their songs from rock and tree!

Singing of Life, singing of Love, Singing to Moon and Stars above!

The Sea still sighs on western sands, Casting its waves on Undying Lands-

SAURON: Where kin slew kin and sea ran red, A curse was laid upon your heads,

And far from noble is your plan To govern over mortal lands

Where Melkor reigns in might supreme! In vain the Noldor plot and scheme

to overthrow the rightful Lord Of Arda. Neither spear nor sword

Nor strength of mind can help your cause, For Balrog-whips and Werewolf-jaws

Are master over Elven-song Which in this land does not belong!

The game is won, magic undone, disguise begone!

(FINROD falls to the ground. They are returned to their true forms.) Eleven Elves and a Man. Who are you, and to what end did you take these shapes and try to steal your way northward? (Silence.) Very well, into the pit with them! I shall slay you, cruelly, each in turn, until one of you betrays the truth to me. (They are removed from the chamber.)

SCENE 5. Nargothrond, in the prison chamber of LÚTHIEN. HUAN sitting by her.

NARRATOR (concert version): Having learned from her mother of Beren's capture, and knowing that no one else will attempt a rescue, Lúthien escapes her father's house arrest and sets out alone to save him. Orodreth's stewardship means nothing: the sons of Fëanor hold sway over all the Elves of Nargothrond. Sauron sends wolves into the Elf-lands and Celegorm and Curufin go out to hunt them with Huan the Hound of Valinor, who finds Lúthien while his masters are at rest. They feign pity and pretend to offer Lúthien assistance, and so bring her to Nargothrond, only to hold her captive while they send word and suit to her father the King of Doriath. Night upon day she sits in despair, with Huan at her feet.

LÚTHIEN: This evil son of Fëanor would have me as bride! My father would send an army to my rescue ere he gave his daughter to one so base. Alas that Nargothrond should be thus ensnared, and perhaps ended! Oh, Huan, Huan! Swiftest and boldest hound that ever trod these mortal lands, what madness holds thy lords that they heed not my cries? Oh, oh, that they will not swiftly lead a host against Sauron to save my beloved and King Finrod? This oath of Fëanor has become one of Morgoth's greatest weapons, turning us upon each other, who should be as one against the might of the North. If only I could regain my cloak from them, my cloak of shadow with which I escaped my father's treehouse prison, I might leave this place, and- (HUAN rises to leave.) Huan! Whither goest thou? Do not leave me, friend! (HUAN leaves) Ah Beren, Beren, how now shalt thou be saved? For none save the child of Melian takes thought of thee, most valiant foe of Morgoth, and friend to all creatures free and good in the world. And here sit I, prisoner, prisoner of my own kin! Ah, ah, ah, Beren, Beren, how now shalt thou be saved? How now shalt thou be, how now, how now shalt thou, shalt thou be saved?(HUAN reënters, drops the Cloak of Shadow at her feet.) Huan, what means this? My cloak!

HUAN: Lady beloved-

LÚTHIEN: You speak!

HUAN: Lady beloved, whom all Men, all Elves and all things clad in fur or feather should serve and love, arise! Don your cloak! By secret ways we shall fly from Nargothrond, and in the North seek your beloved. You shall ride upon my back even as Orcs upon their wolf-steeds, and ere dawn we shall be leagues away, for I am swift and tireless. Let us go; there is no time to spare.

LÚTHIEN: Ah my friend, truly wert thou born in Valinor! (Hugs him, puts on the cloak, gets on his back. No fat sopranos please. Exeunt.)

NARRATOR (concert version): Huan bears Lúthien away, and swiftly they pass northward over Talath Dirnen. Crossing the River Teiglin they steal through the Forest of Brethil and come nigh Ered Wethrin where Beren, Finrod and their companions slew the Orc-company. They travel on to Minas Tirith, the watch-tower upon the Isle of Werewolves, Tol-in-Gaurhoth that was once Tol Sirion, where Sauron holds their quarry captive, killing them one by one until now only two are left alive.

SCENE 6. A pit in the castle of Tol-in-Gaurhoth, in which lie Beren and Finrod. The Ten have all been slain.

FINROD: The wolf comes next for you.

BEREN: Then let him take me! I am of little account.

FINROD: I must keep my oath.

BEREN: I release you from it!

FINROD: You cannot.

BEREN: I would you were never thus bound! Cursed be oaths and promises! They bring naught but misery. But how shall you keep your oath? These shackles are forged of solid steel.

FINROD: Yet to my oath I am sworn even to death. (The werewolf comes for Beren, but FINROD puts forth all his power, breaks his bonds and slays the werewolf.) Ngyaaaah! Ah!



WOLF: Aaah! (dies)

FINROD: (but is himself mortally wounded.) I go now to my long rest in the Timeless Halls beyond the seas and the Mountains of Aman. Long will it be ere I am seen again among the Noldor, and it may be that we will not meet a second time in death or in life, for apart lie the fates of our kindreds. Farewell.. fare..well… (Dies.)

BEREN: Farewell, true friend! Soon will be my time. Cursed be my quest, that such a king should die! Ah, Tinúviel, I shall not bring thy father his ransom, I shall never again look on thee. Ah Tinúviel, the one ray of hope, the one happiness in my life.

LÚTHIEN: (Offstage) Beren, Beren, I am come for thee. Ah… Beren, Beren, for thy love I am come, to aid thee in thy quest. Ah, ah… Beren, Beren, hear me now and be glad.

BEREN: Now I hear thy voice! I dream, or I am mad. I see the stars shining above me, I hear nightingales singing in the trees! Sweet perfume of spring flowers! The Seven Stars! The Sickle of the Valar burns in the North! (Sings aloud.)

Oh quake, thou Dark Lord on thy throne, thou knowest thy end is near!

While the Seven Stars hang over thee thy power cannot long endure!

The Valar shall come out of the West, no evil against them shall stand,

Thy armies all shall wither and die, and vanish like dust in the sand!

Cast out shalt thou be from Arda's sphere, never shalt thou return,

Thy servants all shall quake and fall, thy kingdom of hate shall burn!

(Collapses upon Finrod.)

SCENE 7. Sauron's chambers.

LÚTHIEN: (offstage) Beren, Beren, ah, fear not, fear not, our love cannot be conquered! Ah, ah, ah, Beren, Beren, take heart, take heart! Draw thy strength, draw thy courage from my song! Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, Beren, Beren, hear my song! Ah, ah, ah, ah… (Pauses.)

SAURON: (over Lúthien's song) Ah, little Lúthien! What brings the foolish fly to the web unsought? Who is this Beren whom she seeks? Not the son of Barahir, surely: he is mortal; he could not have passed the Girdle of Melian. But why would an Elf take a Man's name? No matter: for such a jewel as Lúthien, the Master will richly reward me— when she is caught: all the wolves I have sent to fetch her hither have been slain, how I cannot fathom. Yet no matter: now Draugluin has gone out, the sire of all the werewolves of Angband, mighty and fierce; he shall surely bring her to me. My captives have told me nothing, though most have been slain: their loyalty is admirable! But I have kept their leader for last; the Man will have been slain by now. If the death of his comrades will not loosen his tongue, perhaps a few years hanging from the cliffs of Thangorodrim, like his kin Maedhros, will persuade him to..(DRAUGLUIN enters in the throes of death.) What! Draugluin! Thou bringest not the maid? Thou, Draugluin?

DRAUGLUIN: Huan is there! (Dies.)

SAURON: Huan! The Hound of Valinor, who shall not die but by the jaws of the mightiest wolf ever to roam the lands of Arda. Poor Draugluin, thou wert not the mightiest. But surely I could be! There is no power greater than

!SAURON: mine save that of the Master! HA ha ha haaa ha haa! Very soon now Huan shall be no more, and Lúthien shall be mine! (Chants)

LÚTHIEN: Ah (sings the Third Theme) , ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah

Form of a werewolf, teeth and jaws! Poison fangs, ripping claws! (Takes the shape of a werewolf..)

NARRATOR (concert version): Sauron, now in the shape of a huge, hideous, ravenous wolf, descends from his tower to win the passage of the bridge and seize his lissom-limbed prize.

SCENE 7a. Beside the bridge outside the castle. Dead wolves all around.

LÚTHIEN: Ah, Beren, Beren, why dost thou answer no more? Ah, Beren, Beren, dost thou hear me no longer? Ah, ah, ah, ah.

NARRATOR (concert version): Out of the shadows creeps Wolf-Sauron, approaching in such horror that Lúthien stays her song and Huan leaps aside. The ghastly shape with menacing eyes and foul breath springs upon the maid, who swooning casts a fold of her shadow-cloak before his eyes. Sauron stumbles in a fleeting drowsiness. Huan springs upon him and back and forth they grapple, now falling, now rising. Suddenly Huan throws and pins his foe, who shifts his shape from wolf to snake, from monster to his own accustomed form, but the great hound's grasp cannot be broken.

LÚTHIEN: You shall be stripped of your raiment of flesh, and your ghost be sent quaking back to Morgoth, and there everlastingly shall your naked self endure the torment of his scorn, unless you yield to me the mastery of the Tower!

SAURON: (gasping) I… yield… I… yield…

LÚTHIEN: What do you yield?

SAURON: …the…mastery…of…the…Tower. (LÚTHIEN assumes mastery of the Tower.)

LÚTHIEN: Release him, Huan. (HUAN releases SAURON, who instantly changes into the form of a vampire and flies away dripping blood on the trees. LÚTHIEN stands on the bridge) Hear me, all within this Tower! Ended is the reign of evil! I, Lúthien, now mistress of this isle, command that the Gates be thrown down, the walls opened, the pits laid bare! Arise in freedom!

THRALLS AND CAPTIVES: (wandering out, shielding their eyes against the pale moonlight ) O joy, o joy to be free! Free! To see again the light of the Moon and Stars! O joy to live once more! O joy to be free! O joy to be free! To see again the light of the Moon, the Moon and Stars, the Moon and

Stars! To breathe fresh air, to feel the grass beneath our feet! Streams and hills and valleys! O joy to live once more!

LÚTHIEN: (after a while) But Beren comes not. How comes he not? Come, Huan, let us find him! (Exeunt)

SCENE 7b. The pit. Enter LÚTHIEN and HUAN, finding BEREN still lying by FINROD, unheedful.

LÚTHIEN: What do I see? Am I too late? Oh Beren, Beren, I did not escape the prisons of my father and the sons of Fëanor to find thee dead! Was it not thy voice I heard from outside the Gates, singing loud and clear? Thou canst not leave me now! Thou canst not leave me now! Oh Beren, Beren, Beren! Oh! Oh, oh, oh,ah, ah, ah, ah! (Collapses upon him, arms around him, and falls into a deep forgetfulness. BEREN is aroused by her touch.)

BEREN: Tinúviel! Tinúviel! Ah, my love, my life! (He lifts her up.The new light of dawn shines upon them..)

LÚTHIEN: Beren? Beren! Ah, I thought thee slain! Ah, my love!

BEREN: My love! Ah, it was thee I heard! Ah, I feared never to see

Ah! Beren, Beren, ah, ah, my love! My life! Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah!

thee more! Tinúviel, Tinúviel, ah, ah, my love! My life! Ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah!

My life, my love, ah, Beren, Beren! My love! Ah, ah, ah. Ah (to end)

My life, My love, my life! Tinúviel, my love, ah, ah. Ah (to end)

(HUAN returns to his master in Nargothrond.)